I am interested in understanding the mechanisms of learning, memory, and categorization so that we may model how people represent knowledge. Because I am interested in cross-cutting areas that are often studied separately, my work falls in the various subareas of categorical perception, semantic models, associative learning, language learning, memory, and decision-making. My dissertation focused on the problem of language acquisition: how do learning and memory mechanisms allow us to bootstrap meaning from the statistics of our language environment?
~G.K., 9.24.2013

Brief descriptions and figures
Curriculum Vitae. (2/1/16)



I will post the most self-explanatory slide decks. Email me if you'd like particular ones from my C.V.

Early, Unpublished Work

Lexical Variety in Human Processing of Syntactically Ambiguous Sentences - (2005) Jamie Olson and G.K.
Mechanisms of Optimal Pathfinding in the Ant Tapinoma sessile - The research paper from my research in biology class during my final year (2003) at NCSSM.