I've been reading as long as I can remember. My parents tell me I read signs to them as they carried me over their shoulders. My parents read to me as a child, as well. They began reading J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit to my sister and I in first grade. Halfway through, my sister Emily, who is almost two years older, began to read ahead. I didn't enjoy being read to alone, especially with Emily exclaiming, "Oh, I like this part!" I began to catch up on my own. Eventually, my parents gave up. My sister continued her reading with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, with me in her footsteps. I gradually began reading more and more, until you could no longer see me on the school bus; I was hunched over my book trying to read in the early-morning light despite the screams of the other children. I finished Tolkien's massive trilogy perhaps midway through second grade. I had been bitten by fantasy. For the remainder of second grade, I read Angus Wells' The Kingdoms Trilogy, whose gruesome descriptions I still rather vividly recall. Through elementary and middle school, I delved deeper and deeper into the realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction. In middle school and high school, I dabbled more in other types of fiction. I continue to enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, but I also read all sorts of classic novels and some nonfiction. Below are books that I have read, and perhaps (eventually) a short description or recommendation.

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